Mini Vented Clothes Dryer

General Details

Allsing mini air vented dryer with 3kg cloth capacity which will be your best helper to dry your clothes or sheets in a short time. It has multiple heat mode. You can choose the drying time or mode according to the material and weight of the clothes. This dryer combines functions of the cooling and freshening without taking up a lot of room. The stainless steel tumble provides durability

Dust removal, deodorization, wool collection, ultraviolet sterilization and mite removal.
The outer box adopts high-strength corrosion-resistant PCM color plate, and the inner cylinder adopts 430 stainless steel.
Simple operation, humanized control, real-time monitoring of humidity changes in the drum to stop when clothes are dry.
The design is novel and fashionable, suitable for all kinds of scenes.
The child lock function is safe and reliable.Once Door open stop working.

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