August 20, 2021

Why choose an air vented clothes dryer ?

Why choose an air vented clothes dryer instead of a drying and washing integrated dryer?

Independent air vented clothes dryer has high drying efficiency and real drying capacity;

The drying efficiency of the integrated washing drying machine is very low, which belongs to the attached function.

The environment of the independent air vented clothes dryer is closed and isolated from the outside, so as to avoid the secondary pollution of clothes; the integrated washing and drying machine can blow the dirt from the barrel wall into the interior to cause pollution.

air vented clothes dryer

The independent dryer has large internal space, good ventilation performance and no wrinkle.

air vented clothes dryer

The independent dryer can collect wool and fluff, and the filtering effect is good;

Washing and drying machine can not filter.

What’s the difference between clothes that are dried by a dryer and clothes that are dried in the air?


air vented clothes dryer

The efficiency of the dryer is much higher than that of the sun drying.

The use of the dryer saves the time of drying clothes and collecting clothes, which can save more than 20 minutes every day.

The dryer is isolated from the outside world to avoid the pollution of atmospheric dust and particles.

The dryer is more uniform and the clothes are more fluffy (down jacket, etc.), and the clothes in the air will become longer due to the influence of gravity.

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