August 20, 2021

How to choose a Clothes Dryer?

When you choose a dryer, you should choose the right dryer according to your own situation. However, many consumers don’t know how to choose the right dryer. Today, I’ll introduce some of the dryer’s purchasing conditions to help you better purchase and use the dryer.

vented clothes dryer

Suitable power

The clothes dryer is a kind of household appliance which uses electric heating to make the moisture in the laundry evaporate and dry immediately. It also consumes a lot of electricity. The capacity should be selected according to the family population and the size of laundry. If the capacity of the dryer is too large, it will waste electric energy; if the capacity of the dryer is too small, it will take time. Generally, the capacity of the dryer ranges from 2 kg to 8 kg, and the power ranges from 500 W to 1000 W. General families choose about 5 jin is more suitable, the power will not be too high.

vented clothes dryer

Roller material


The material of drum dryer should be paid attention to. Stainless steel drum, beautiful and durable, will not rust, no damage to clothing; galvanized plate or other materials drum although the price is low, but a long time will rust, shorten the service life; due to the strong seasonality of the dryer, so stainless steel drum is the best choice.

vented clothes dryer

Operation mode


There are two kinds of clothes dryers on the market: rotary electric timing control and computer automatic control. Rotary type electric timing control dryer is more troublesome, if the drying set time is too long, it will not only waste electric energy but also damage the fabric; if the setting time is too short, the clothes can not be dried; and the fully automatic computer-controlled dryer adopts computer control, which automatically stops after drying, which is very convenient, but the price is slightly higher than the former, which depends on each individual.

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